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ST-Z2 indicator

Model Number: [ ST-Z2 ]

Manufactured by: Bizerba

Product Description:

Stainless steel weighing indicator, ATEX approved for use in Zones 2 & 22, rated EEx IIC T4, 80ºC.
Sealing protection to IP68, bench or wall mounting (panel mounted option).
Backlit graphic LCD with 18mm digit weight display and a 21 digit 12mm display for prompts & functions.
Numeric keypad with alpha entry facility and 7 ‘hot’ keys for customer configuration.
110-230VAC power supply contained within the indicator housing for use in the hazardous area or alternatively there is a 12V battery option (one A/D only with this option.
Counting software included.
30000 divs max.
Add on options – Dosing software, interface modules, 2nd A/D
Approved up to 6000 divs or 2 x 3000 divs multi interval
ST-Z2 indicator with 1 A/D pcb, 110-230VAC mains
ST-Z2 indicator with 1 A/D pcb, 12V 20Ah battery with charger
Spare battery
Panel mounted ST-Z2 indicator with 1 A/D pcb, 110-230VAC mains
2nd A/D pcb
Dosing control software & 8 + 8 I/O’s
RS232 I/O card
(only 2 I/O cards can be fitted)
RS422 I/O card
RS485 I/O card
4-20mA analog output
CBM910 tally roll printer (needs RS232 I/O card in indicator)
3m cable with connectors needed for all I/O’s and comms
extra cable per metre
Label printer

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