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Radio Link-plus

Model Number: [ RLP SERIES ]

Manufactured by: Straightpoint

Product Description:

Licence exempt radio version of the load link.
Range on standard Radiolink is 100 metres.Push button Tare & Peak hold
Tonnes & kN selectable, other units on request.
Up to 15 Radiolinks may be displayed on the handset.
Internal rechargeable batteries, charger & carry case supplied as standard.PC connection available via 'desktop controller'
RLP/2T5 2500 kg x 1 kg
RLP/5T 5000 kg x 1 kg
RLP/10T 10000 kg x 2 kg
RLP/12T 12000 kg x 2 kg
RLP/20T 20000 kg x 5 kg
RLP/25T 25000 kg x 10 kg
RLP/50T 50000 kg x 10 kg
RLP/100T 100000 kg x 50 kg
RLP/200T 200000 kg x 100 kg
RDCP self install CD Rom & transmit/receive module

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