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Load Link-Plus

Model Number: [ LLP LOADLINK ]

Manufactured by: Straightpoint

Product Description:

Loadlink plus crane scale

LLP250 - 250kg x 0.05kg
LLP500 - 500kg x 0.1kg
LLP1T - 1000kg x 0.5kg
LLP2T5 - 2500kg x 1kg
LLP5T - 5000kg x 2kg
LLP12T - 12000kg x 2kg
Other capacities up to 200T are available

25mm LCD, preset tare & peak hold facility, overload counter
Remote output, adjustable setpoint audible alarm, IP65
5:1 safety factor
Alkaline battery ( 9V PP3 ) approximately 80 hours use
Crosby shackle, price on application
Desktop Controller Software - wired version, 10 metres of cable, please call for details including price

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