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FD3P Retail Scale

Model Number: [ FD3-P & FD3P-P ]

Manufactured by: Excell

Product Description:

FD3-P & FD3P-P Series Dual Range Price Computing Scale

FD3-P3/6 6kg x 1/2g
FD3-P6/15 15kg x 2/5g
FD3-P15/30 30kg x 5/10g
FD3P-P3/6 6kg x 1/2g with pole display
FD3P-P6/15 15kg x 2/5g with pole display
FD3P-P15/30 30kg x 5/10g with pole display

Power Source : AC 230V + DC 6V / 4.5 AH rechargeable battery
Platter Size : 300 x 225 mm

* Kilogram (kg), and 100g weighing modes
* Vendor and customer sides LCD display
* Low power and charging status indication
* Water channel designed underneath the platter to give a better protection against water running into the scale
* Unique sealing rings designed to prevent dust, dirt, insects and water from entering the scale, thereby improving reliability and hygiene
* Special design for power switch prevents moisture getting inside the scale for better performance stability and reliability
* Special sunken power coil outlet design to prevent water running into the socket to improve safety and reliability
* Easily adjusted leveling feet for stability of the scale

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